A Writer’s Brains–it’s crowded in there.

The thing about writers is we live in our heads a large part of the time and it’s a pretty crowded place. Filled with the conversations and lives of people, some are strangers, others we’ve known for years, and sometimes we get the random visitor who really has no place there and checks out after a few short hours. There’s the billion other things we “really should be doing.” And the nagging self-doubt and ridicule. The fear of failure and the shy glimmer of possibility. The inner editor that never shuts their mouth. Sometimes there’s a little cheerleader there too, screaming praise like it’s confetti.

This paragraph in picture form:
aka, what the inside of a writer’s head looks like.5913206471_11fdcefb64_b

We often lose perspective of the simple things, like writing. It is a line that begs us to walk it. And it’s hard some days putting one word in front of the other.

Like life.

Because for a writer writing is life; words are our feet; thoughts are our heart and soul divided unwillingly between so many people in need of their own voice.

The page is where we bleed and battle and love and die a million times. And, somehow we come out stronger for each page we trudge through.

Happy Reading, Happier Writing,


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